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    -image-Specialist Prep Education (APE), located in Nashua, New Hampshire is the major privately-owned company of BA(BS)/MD Admissions Ready in the world. CAVY provides unmatched admissions prep, dating to 2005 as DiagnoseMD. Over time, our front runner Medical School Admissions Ready services have pioneered success for our students and their families. Applicants and families frequently rely on us to navigate them successfully through the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) and medical school admissions process. As the creator of Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) for the Mind, generally considered to be the reference tips for learning the MMI, our company is the go to experts for MMI preparation.

    In the last ten years, our expertise is growing to encompass post graduate residency/fellowships and additional health related disciplines including Dentistry, Drug store, Optometry, Veterinary Medicine, Medical professionals Assistant and Nursing.

    The knowledge base and experience transcends all aspects from high school graduation combined BA/BS/MD forethought admissions preparation to post graduate residency/fellowship admissions preparing. We regularly embrace people that were previously defeated in their attempts at admission or the match.

    By choosing Advisor Prepare Education as your tickets prep mentor, you will become part of your growing alumni of successful teachers and network, including earlier deans of prestigious medical schools that command only the best for themselves and the families.

    Chat to us today to determine how we can help you realize your full potential.

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